About Us

Drew grew up in Huntington, Utah. He and Val met while working for Associated Food Stores between 1971-1981 and they moved back home in 1981 when given an opportunity to build his own grocery store.

Drew's Food Ranch store began as a 3000 square foot, metal house/barn. He had experience working with local bakeries while with Associated Food Stores and used that experience to open his own in-store bakery. Because of the store's limited size, the bakery and meat departments actually shared the same space, with the bakery operating early in the morning and the meat department taking over the space for the rest of the day.

Because of the Drew and Val's hard work and close ties to the community, their store has experienced great success. They have remodeled and expanded the store several times, first expanding to 6000 square feet in 1986, and then to 23000 square feet in 1996.

Over the years, Drew's Food Ranch has grown into a modern grocery store and now offers everything from sporting goods and a racquetball court to a sit down dining area and catering services.

Drew and Val would like to thank the citizens of Emery County for all their support over the years.

Seasonal Items

In the coinciding season check our store for:

  • Fireworks
  • Patriotic Items
  • Camping Equipment
  • Lawn and Garden Supplies
  • Water Fun
  • Christmas Supplies

World-Famous Donuts

Come in and try our world-famous donuts, including our specialty: The Butterfinger Donut.